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gesund & aktiv Stoffwechsel-Programm – mit Leichtigkeit zum Wunschgewicht

gesund & aktiv Stoffwechsel-Programm – mit Leichtigkeit zum Wunschgewicht

Many know the effect from their own experience: they go through a diet and lose weight. But as soon as you eat „normal“ again, the pounds climb up again. The healthy & active metabolic program ends this cycle with an individual nutritional plan that is tailored to your personal metabolism. So you can lose weight medically healthy and keep the new weight permanently. Healthy and Active Hamburg : The Healthy & Active Metabolism Program is a nutritional program that takes into account the individual’s metabolism. For this I work with a vital and metabolic analysis which includes 44 laboratory values. In this way, I identify the optimal foods that are a perfect match for the patient’s metabolism, genetics and endocrine system. This individual nutrition program has been around for 10 years now – developed by physicians, metabolism specialists and nutritionists (nutritionists). When creating your individual nutrition plan, I also consider diseases, intolerances and their individual goals. healthy and active Hamburg: the base The metabolism transforms and transports all nutrients...

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